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Re: Dukat the demon worshiper, yay or nay?

What I've always admired in him as an actor is the degree of physical control he has, but not in a way that comes across as stiff or unnatural. We know in the end that he's BS'ing, but the way he says, "Goodbye, Nerys..." Whoa.

I ended up using a frame from "Covenant" as a pose reference for a drawing I did of my alternate-universe Dukat (who is Dukat's "good twin"). I changed the expression to fit my AU Dukat's personality.

Here's the drawing:

(Please read the'll explain why, in that drawing, AU Dukat is so sad.)

It took a few changes to turn him from "fake-subdued," which you see in "Covenant," to the truly reserved individual he is in the AU, who tends to take things to heart, but I don't think the drawing (of him, anyway...I messed up on the human) would've come off without the great job Marc Alaimo did in that episode:

(It's funny...while Gul Dukat is still, I keep picturing AU Dukat, in that drawing, fidgeting with his hands.)
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