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Re: Re-booting TNG For TV?

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Good call, I agree. A younger Picard will be more an action-oriented character.

But Riker can be reconstituted and still be useful. How about an Okana type figure, a younger, slimmer and sexier Harry Mudd type?
Or Riker could become Wilhelmina "Mina" Riker, who would be Picard's female equal and executive officer who often clashes with him on command decisions. The only person on the ship that could go toe-to-toe with Picard. Some crew members speculate that there's more sexual tension than strife in their relationship.
The executive officer is never the commanding officer's equal.

And why can't a woman named Wilhelmina go by the name Wil (or Will)?
The XO may not be the equal in terms of position and rank, but I meant figuratively that Riker could be Picard's equal in terms of strength, determination and intelligence. In other words, by quality of character not by pecking order.

Frankly, Riker and Picard were originally meant to be the captain role split evenly and equally into two.

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...And at this point you're basically creating entirely new characters anyway, so what's the point in pretending this is a "reboot of The Next Generation" when it is very clearly an entirely new show?
Well, BSG was a reboot and recast the gender of Starbuck. Why not Riker in a reboot of TNG?

After all, Riker was a pretty bland square-jaw type that got castrated as a character after "Best of Both Worlds." I'd say any reboot of TNG would need to do some serious overhaul of the character.

Besides, this is all in fun so who cares how far this speculation goes.
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