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I just read an interview at Trekweb during the Lasvegas convention that mentions someone wants to do a rebooted Startrek series that takes place during the Startrek Voyager era .That idea doesn't sound like a good one to me.Also the tv writers have been there and done that with the Borg stories already. it's like flogging a dead horse.
OMG, that is the dumbest plan for resurrecting a Trek series I've heard in a long time. VOY was one of three series set in the 24th century. Was it set in another quadrant? Yes. But those in charge, led by Berman, wasted that opportunity, just like those in charge, led by Berman, wasted the opportunity with ENT until seasons 3 and 4 and of course, as we all know, it was too little, too late.
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