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This is something I mentioned over in the Future of Trek forum about reboots and how they could potentially go with that direction for ENT.

What I'm about to say, may result in me becoming a hate figure. But hopefully you guys already realise how much I do love this show, throughout all the highs (Seasons 3-4) and lows (odd episodes earlier than that, plus TATV).

Before Star Trek 2009, successful reboots were once reserved for remaking lesser known films and TV shows all over again. More often than not, it came at a time when the originals were becoming a distant memory. In Hollywood right now, that's a process that's become considerably speeded up. Spiderman for example. Batman only a matter of time I would've thought, with all that popcorn at stake, when its current guiding light decides to move on.

Reimagined versions sprung up when a new writer, director or producer saw the original, liked it (in most cases) but thought it wasn't all it could’ve been the first time around. That approach of elevating something to another level, tended to be something that generally worked. Often apparently able to invite some of an existing fanbase to come along for the ride too. Example: Richard Hatch and ye olde Cylons made appearances on BSG for instance… despite there being no real reason for Ron D Moore to make concessions to viewers of the original.

Enterprise should have several advantages in Star Trek at this moment in time. Set on a ship with a iconic name. Boldly going. Its existence in the Star Trek universe, PRIME and now ALTERED continuity… if the Admiral Archer’s Prized Beagle means anything. Why not reboot it? Or partially reboot it?

What do I mean by that? Partially reboot it?

There’s a built-in reset button isn't there? As far as we're concerned. And for those unfamilar, it perhaps needs almost no explanation. But it's there in-story for why events can be changed, to become somehow different. Now say, the Temporal Cold War which affected history COULD be completely undone. Suddenly there's potential for an entirely different first contact with Klingons (if it even happens at all), Romulans and others free from that story arc. Human-Vulcan-Andorian antagonism would still essentially remain the same. Which is fine. I found that be the most interesting and new element Enterprise brought to the franchise. But the best part, would be for the “These are the Voyages…” finale to be erased. Gone – shunted to an alternate 24th Century, thanks to everything tied into TCW interference like the Xindi attack on Earth being acknowledged on the holodeck recreation Riker and Troi are watching.

Now then, certain crew positions would potentially be filled by totally different people now - born of entirely different circumstances happening to those in “Broken Bow”, because “the Temporal Cold War” doesn't force the NX-01 to leave before she was ready. Phlox, T’Pol, a few others came with the mission to take Klaang back to Qo’nos and found themselves staying. So they may or may not find their way into the crew. They could still turn up elsewhere in this reset universe which has another outcome, cropping up as guest stars from time-to-time.

Archer possibly takes the place of Admiral Forrest, giving a different Enterprise Captain his orders from Earth. Or if the pull of having one recognisable star name like Bakula every week is too strong, keep him on more permanently somehow, alongside a new re-energised cast.

Surely Star Trek: Enterprise could be rebooted, keep its existing fanbase (who are still building even now thanks to all the varied ways to see it - Netfix, Amazon, SyFy) and maybe be made fresh with...
- A different writing team.
- New cast members.
- A couple of fan favourites remaining
- Old characters in occasional guest shots (they still exist, played by the same actors) and we see what became of them in a world without the TCW.
- An interesting new take on the Romulans and exploration of the Remans.
- Ongoing development for the Andorians and other seldom seen TOS aliens.
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