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Plan to get the ME 2 final DLC soon, which is going to make me very annoyed at no ME3 in 2011 because once I start I will want my ME Fix to carry on dam Mass Effect you addictive swine.

DID you hear on X-box LIVE that they said that ME3 merely ends the Reaper Shepard Saga and they were already looking to another Saga?
Yeh EA after ME2 said the universe will carry on but with new characters or even a prequel. I would love to see a sequel with the galaxy devestated afdter the war it leaves big power vaccums leading to new faction rising in a intergalatic war for control of the post reaper galaxy.
No prequels...
But a most Reaper war...with all the tech they're bring out....out...hell-to-the-yeah... I wonder what other angle we could take on that.
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