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Re: Mission: Impossible (1996), Brian de Palma

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Actually, nearly all of the Mission Impossible incarnations have some kind of Star Trek connection. Leonard Nimoy was a regular on the original TV series for 1 year. J.J. Abrams directed M:I:III, cast Simon Pegg in a bit role, and the movie was the 1st film to be shot on the Enterprise soundstages after Enterprise was cancelled. Simon Pegg comes back for Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. The only ones I can't connect back to Star Trek yet are the 1980s revival and the 1st Tom Cruise Movie.
Frequent Star Trek guest star Phil Morris, son of original series co-star Greg Morris, was a regular on the 1980s series. He might be best known for playing Jackie Chiles on Seinfeld and the Martian Manhunter on Smallville. IIRC, his Mission: Impossible character was the son of his father's character on the 1960s series.
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