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Re: SyFy demotees Blood & Chrome back to webisode series

Quel suprise. Skiffy doesn't give a spit about space opera - look at how well they're doing with their sci-fi-fluff and bullshit ghost hunting "reality shows" (I'm sick of even mentioning wrestling ). Plus they probably got a look at how awful that kid was that they cast as Bill Adama, but who knows, even with good casting, the odds are still stacked against space opera.

Robert Maxwell wrote: View Post
V's thread title was certainly premature. Could it be he's invested in the failure of all things BSG?
Maybe he's got it in for BSG - I'd love to see a B&C spinoff, assuming they're not frakking things up via the casting or anything else - but I've been predicting that Skiffy would kick B&C to the curb, based largely on the ratings they're getting for other shows. From a heartless bean-counter perspective, space opera is an unappealing genre and there are easier ways to make a buck. I don't have anything against good BSG in the least, but I can read the signs and they ain't good.

If you want a space opera show, don't wait for Skiffy to do one. My sights are set elsewhere - TNT, FX, AMC or the Cartoon Network. Maybe HBO or Showtime in my dreams.

But at least as a webisode series, we'll get a chance to see why it was such a catastrophe. I wish broadcast would do that with failed pilots. I'm very curious about shows like Locke & Key and Reconstruction.
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