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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

I'll be surprised if we do make them (and annoyed - please god alive no more play-offs!)

It's not as solid as it looks. 6 youngsters (7 in fact, as our no.52 isn't on that list), Gestede who is playing every week but is looking very raw indeed, Kiss who has yet to play at all, plus the guaranteed comedy misfits who need to be sold to Conference sides - Naylor, Gyepes, Naylor, Parkin, Naylor, Taiwo, Naylor and most of all, Naylor. With Gunnarsson out we already have next to no cover in midfield. Earnshaw and Miller are not a good pairing and cannot keep playing together as they are practically the same player, though Earnshaw is considerably better as he can actually run to the right places and can trap a ball. We have no wing cover for Conway, who has already played every minute of the season. Oh, and we have no pace in central defence, plus Hudson looks to be regressing from his excellent form yesterday when he silenced the naysayers.

We need:
At least one more striker, one is taller than 5'9 and can hold the ball up in particular and link the play... like Jay Bothroyd.
At least one more midfielder, one with experience and good passing ability
Another centre-half

We should be good for these by the end of the transfer window and the loan market.

I stand by my prediction of 9th, but am enjoying the start we're having under the new regime. Especially the Carling Cup thriller the other night!
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