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Re: SyFy demotees Blood & Chrome back to webisode series

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Sanctuary was a Sci-Fi web series that was picked up as a full show, so it is not unprecedented. Highly unlikely though.

Quite right, I'm sorry.

Still, Sanctuary started out as a webisode series intended as a backdoor wasn't demoted from an hour TV pilot.

...Blood & Chrome *had* a rough-cut pilot, and it didn't instill confidence in the network.

For the record, non-reality based scripted original programming SyFy Channel still produces are now:

  • Alphas
  • Being Human (USA version)
  • Eureka (final season)
  • Haven
  • Sanctuary
  • Warehouse 13

Still, given how fluffy their line-up is, it's hard to say what particularly was disappointing to them. It could have been too gritty, rather than shitty.
So it goes.
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