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SyFy demotees Blood & Chrome back to webisode series

When SyFy Channel abruptly cancelled "Caprica", they advanced "Blood & Chrome" from being a webisode series to a backdoor pilot TV movie (they were apparently never confident enough in it to make a 4 hour pilot miniseries like with BSG, just another pilot movie like "Caprica"

SyFy Channel executives have just seen the rough-cut pilot of "Blood & Chrome"....and apparently what they saw was so disappointing that they are now planning to demote it back to being a webisode series.

While this doesn't 100% destroy the chances of another full BSG franchise series, it means they're not really treating it as a backdoor pilot anymore; they're just going to cut up the "pilot movie" and release it online as a multi-part webisode series....without the dignity of a TV airing or straight-to-DVD release. It would be unprecedented if a webisode series did well enough to warrant a future pickup as a full series.

I was hoping that with different writers in charge than those that muddled "Caprica", it might have been handled better....but if the rought-cut pilot truly was that much of a disappointment, I'm left with the feeling it honestly didn't deserve a full pickup.
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