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Re: the spy/assassin genre resurgence

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Another spy show.

Like Sarah Connor, the new project, titled The Asset, is an action show with a female lead. It is described as a character-driven drama set in the New York office of the CIA, which centers on a female agent.
"New York office of the CIA?" Why does Hollywood keep insisting that the CIA should be working domestically. Maybe they do, but I like to think otherwise! At least Covert Affairs and Chuck keep up the pretense that domestic spy work has to be super top secret or they will all get into a lot of trouble. I'd hate to see Chuck dragged before a Congressional oversight committee.
Or the late CHAOS where they set up the new Operative Martinez telling him that they were an illegal branch of the CIA but setting him up for blackmail.

What is worse the domestic CIA Agent/Operative or the NSA Agent? Maybe the OCB of the FBI
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