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Re: What games are you playing currently?

Started playing Deux Ex: HR myself last night and I'm really digging it. Wasn't even really on my radar as I wasn't really a fan of the original, having first played it only a few years ago, and even by then it was pretty darn dated and fugly. And while I respected its freedom and versatility, I only really focused on the stealth aspects, and Thief frankly did stealth better IMO. Anyway, the glowing reviews of HR started trickling in on Monday, so I spontaneously decided to pick it up yesterday. Once again going the stealth route and I'm having a blast. Best stealth experience I've had since Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. Planning on doing non-lethal takedowns on every enemy (going for pacifist achievment) and hacking everything I can to maximize XP so's I can get all the augmentations required to access every hidden area in the game.
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