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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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Trunks are essential, and, yes, they look silly, but it suits a man who is all-boy scout and stands up for all that is good. Chris Reeves wasn't shy at all despite the costume as he found a way to dismiss any cynicism (something no one is able to do today) and inhabit the character.
Yeah, but it was also the 70s.

I certainly wouldn't have objected to seeing the trunks again, but I also think it's probably time to consider something a bit more modern for the character, and to move away from the circus strongman look of the 30s.

I mean, Wolverine often wore trunks in the comics as well, but can anyone seriously imagine Hugh Jackman running around with those in 2011, or in the kind of simple tights Reeve did? If he had to move forward with the times, maybe Superman should as well.
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