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Re: Could a Lost Era set between 2161 and 2265 work?

^Well, sure, and there were other ships active during TNG too. But any cutoff date is gonna be arbitrary. The definition of The Lost Era as 2293-2364 was based on the endpoint of one major ST series (the TOS portion of Generations) and the starting point of the next ("Encounter at Farpoint"). So if we're positing another "Lost Era" by analogy with how the first one was defined, then it follows that we're talking about stuff between the onscreen endpoint of Enterprise and the starting point of TOS. So the question is, should the starting point of TOS be defined as "The Cage" or "Where No Man Has Gone Before"? I think that "Pike's Enterprise" has been well enough represented in the literature already as to constitute its own subseries, rather than just a part of a "Lost Era" series.

But then again, now that I write that out, I can see the counterargument: Stargazer took place during the Lost Era, but was still counted as a distinct series. So maybe Pike-era fiction is analogous with Stargazer fiction, in which case it could still be valid to define "Where No Man" as the endpoint for this "other Lost Era." So maybe you're right.
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