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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

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To Cary and Aridas: Well, for this thread and project, if the shuttle interior as seen on the screen matches MJ's illustrations, that's great. But if it doesn't, I stick with the on screen version as that's what my project is aiming for: the on screen version of the ship.

I'm 100% with you. I've been following your thread silently from the start in part because you are actually doing what I set out to do. The only difference is you are taking the existing sets and setting them on a different set of shelves. (Was that a record for using "set" in one sentence?) You're starting with a different cross section. I started with Jefferies' because I wanted to see if it would work, and the cross section I did was just the first step on the road to a 3D model of the interior. The guys I was working with and I only got five decks done before we stalled -- I'm impressed that all on your own you've gotten so far. I guess that says something about the inefficiencies of committee work.

As far as your work goes... hell, what can I say? By the time you're done you'll have built the ship. I can't wait to take a stroll down those beautifully realized sets once you're done!
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