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Re: Re-booting TNG For TV?

It's probably best not to remake TNG with all the same characters and everything. The thing about TOS is that the characters really are mostly archetypes, so it's easier to recast them and have the new actors play on the characters in different ways to the original cast -- the characters in TNG, on the other hand, have more personality and are rather more distinctive, so there's less room to move. If they had to make a new TNG, it'd probably be best to have a completely new cast of characters.

Personally, though, I'm holding out for an Excelsior series starring John Cho as Captain Sulu.

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I'd sooner NOT find myself having to ignore, disown, whatever... anything in the Star Trek franchise.

I even value what the Animated Series brought to the table. It proudly sits between the Original Series and Motion Picture.

Ideally I'd prefer the next chapter to work as part of a bigger picture like that, in addition to doing its own thing.

But try telling that to anyone in Hollywood. The entertainment industry is basically eating itself alive right now. Picking over carcasses, some of which to me, weren't dead enough for that sort of reimaging. Somewhat obsessed with remaking everything they remember seeing when they were 8 years old, rather than coming up with completely original programming that will itself stand the test of time... without having a successful brand name to lean on.
Remakes and adaptations are nothing new. Hollywood has been doing them ever since there's been a Hollywood. Ben-Hur? That was a remake. The Wizard of Oz? Remake. The Maltese Falcon? A remake of a remake -- and all three versions were released within ten years of each other!
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