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Re: Green Lantern: Grading, Review, Discuss, Tracking, Sequel?

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The audience this film was aimed at, as most summer action films are, would be people who grew up '92-'02 and are in that 18-35 range. Their GL would NOT be Hal Jordan.
Let's face it: If Will Smith had wanted to play GL this movie would have been about John Stewart. If Taylor Lautner had wanted to play GL it might have been Kyle. Otherwise, Hollywood was going with the white guy.
I agree with the basic point that they were aiming to get a white guy to be Green Lantern. However, I've heard variations on the Will Smith argument before and who knows if he was approached to do this, if he knew who Green Lantern was, or John Stewart for that matter? It almost feels like some people are putting the onus on a guy like Smith instead of on the casting decisions of WB, which to some extent are cynically based on the idea that a black superhero won't sell to whites or non-blacks. It's a chicken or the egg kind of thing. You can say black heroes won't sell cinematically, but if you never put them out there how can you really be sure that's true or not?

Smith has disproved this already and so has Wesley Snipes. And speaking of Smith's Hancock (which I didn't like), it did a whole lot better than GL. So even if he knew about GL, why would he necessarily want to do it? With Hancock he has nearly total freedom to develop that original character as he sees fit and is not weighed down by history or fan expectations. Maybe if DC/WB had courted him they might have got him for Stewart. But who really knows? But my belief is that Stewart was never really in their calculations for a solo feature. Especially with Geoff Johns in the mix. I've enjoyed his work on Hal, but he doesn't have much of a feel for Stewart IMO, and coupled with the predilection to go for a white hero because they are more 'bankable', Stewart's fate was pretty much sealed as soon as that Justice League movie idea was shelved. Though I wasn't too jazzed about the idea of Common being Stewart to be honest. He has the build, but his acting is too wooden. Then again, the way they write Stewart these days, maybe Common would be perfect.

I think both Marvel and DC have really sucked in terms of putting out a diverse slate of superheroes, including heroines. As they are burning through their rosters they can't keep ignoring them. In the 20 years of the boom, they've only tried their hand with Blade, Steel, a faux Catwoman, and Elektra as the main stars. I guess you can throw Whiteout in there as well (though I can't remember if that's Vertigo or not). There have been some diverse characters playing supporting roles, some significant roles, in many of the films, but it's not the same thing as being the main attraction.
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