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^^^I read that article last year and while I think the author has some insightful point, I think the author strains credibility and credulity a bit, especially when wandering off the topic of the sets and lighting.
Stretching to apply Minimalist principles to Shatner's physique and the way he "uses his face" is pretty ridiculous. OTOH I was interested in his comparisons of the dramatic style of the series - at least some episodes - with the staging of Minimalist drama. And I liked that he was able to appreciate and analyze relevant elements of some episodes without going all in and promoting them as better than they were.

His analysis of the visual aspects of the show is usefully distinct from his examination of the dramatic elements - I think he's right to see Star Trek and The Twilight Zone in particular in terms of the contrasts in their visual presentation and the similarities in their dramatic content.
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