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Re: Green Lantern: Grading, Review, Discuss, Tracking, Sequel?

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So don't look now, if GL makes $200 million...then makes another $75-100 million in DVD-Bluray sales...the sequel could happen...

It's odds of hitting $200m worldwide have increased. It now sits at $193m but these are still low numbers, domestic and worldwide for such a tentpole film.

Films that make $75-100m on DVD are the ones that were huge hits at the box office, which GL wasn't.

A sequel at this point would be believed when casting begins but I'm not looking for that announcement anytime soon or later down the calendar.
Or movies skipped bu audiences in theaters who still want to see it at home.

BU Audiences? What is B.U.?

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If they needed to show Green Lantern overcoming his fear, then they should have used Kyle Rayner. Hal Jordan has always been pretty much fearless (to the point of being stupid sometimes.) But again, this brings me back to another problem I've always had with the character, and that is that Hal is the least interesting of the main lanterns. Green Lantern is not all that cool. Now, the Green Lantern Corps, that is AWESOME! That's what the movie should have been about.
Well I think they kind of HAD to use Hal, seeing as he is the most iconic and recognizable of the Green Lanterns.
Not true. Hal is only iconic to comic fans. He wasn't even that memorable on SuperFriends in the early 80's. As noted here on this board a number of times if your childhood was the 90's then John Stewart was the only/most recognizable Green Lantern. Thanks to Cartoon Network. If you then read comics due to that you saw Kyle Rayner. Those two were the most recognizable Green Lanterns.

The audience this film was aimed at, as most summer action films are, would be people who grew up '92-'02 and are in that 18-35 range. Their GL would NOT be Hal Jordan.
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