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Re: Emma Stone: Babe of the week #33 (Aug. 2011)

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As I said, she's smoking hot. Which is why I find Easy A so ridiculous. She's supposed to be the Plain Jane of the school?! Yeah, okay.
Well, it's not like her being demonstrably ugly was ever supposed to be a huge plot point like it is in so many of these movies. She was just supposed to be average looking; and by Hollywood standards, I'd say she's pretty average. Plus, I'd say she does a really good job of selling her character's complete lack of romantic experience, regardless of what she looks like.

But although she's only Hollywood average, I give her thumbs way up because she is so stimulating to my other erogenous zone: the funnybone. Funny redheads are definately a thing with me. That's why Stone gets to bunk with Karen Gillan & Catherine Tate in my own personal harem.

Actually, she's from where I'm from in Arizona. Several of my actor friends used to work with her at Valley Youth Theater. Ironically, when they had a big VYT reunion concert a few years ago, she recognized my best friend but he didn't recognize her.
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