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Interesting stuff and food for thought in considering why the first three Star Wars movies worked so much better for some of us than the last three. The original Episode IV featured live creatures and real buildings at Mos Eisley. It stuck in George Lucas's craw that he couldn't portray everything he wanted, but I had no problem accepting it as a "wretched hive of scum and villainly" even before he "fixed" it with his revised version. Contrast that with the next three where he had the money, time and power to do everything exactly the way he wanted. Instead of the Sand People we got Jar Jar Binks. Sometimes getting everything you want isn't a good thing.
Certainly the minimalist argument is valid when discussing audio dramas as well. In Excelsior I've had a lot of fun seeing just how many little boops, beeps and assorted stuff I could drop into a bridge scene and yet I think the most powerful scene I cut may be the one from our latest episode which consists of a very subdued alien planet background and a traumatized survivor trying to describe "the machines in the daaarkk". It's often true, less is more.
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