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Re: Star Trek: From Risa With Love--An Adventure Of Dr. Julian Bashir

Just finished it. Well done, sir, well done!

Haven't read the alternate ending yet, but will do so shortly.

Not having read the novels, I can't speak authoritatively on them, but based on what I've read here, I greatly appreciate that you've made 31 very "disturbingly efficient." If the books are making them appear incompetent, then I'll be sorely disappointed. I mean, come on, Sloan was always at least five steps ahead of a genetically engineered genius. That's why I have problems with Extreme Measures. Sloan could transport into Bashir's quarters at will without him or the station's sensors being aware of it and yet he doesn't know that a forcefield and phaser are waiting for him? It makes me think that he wanted to be caught.

Definitely looking forward to your Section 31 tale in involving Holland and her backstory, as I doubt that would contain any spoilers for the novels, which again I haven't read.

Now, just some quick observations....

Rush Limborg wrote: View Post
“You’re wrong, Cynthia. Don’t think for a moment I felt any pleasure from it all…because I didn’t.”
Very Connery of you....

Thunderball wrote:
"My dear girl, don't flatter yourself. What I did this evening was for King and Country. You don't think it gave me any pleasure, do you?"

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Whatever or whoever he was…that man, more than anything or anyone else, was directly responsible for enslaving and chaining this innocent young woman. And so, Julian Bashir’s feelings of contempt and righteous fury had found their target—whoever it would turn out to be. And so help me, if I ever find out the identity of that man…
I have an idea as to who it could be.

3.) An idea occurs to me as to what the "big event in DS9" is that ties in with Holland's backstory.

Looking forward to finding out if my theory is correct.
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