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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

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...what I said was only that those who treat that number as some sort of "holy article of faith" are being a bit silly, not that it's silly to prefer it. Nor was I necessarily attributing that to you... quite the contrary, in fact. As you said, you did make it quite clear that you don't have a "religious level of ferver" about this... and my comment was thus clearly not directed towards you.

There are a few people who actually get ANGRY if you question the "holy 947'" however... on the same level as if you'd suggested re-editing the entire TOS series to use the JJ-Prise instead of the TOS ship, as if a small shift in scale (which, I would argue, helps things match up better) is somehow on the same level as a total eradication of the original series design.

THOSE people are... yes, silly. I'd hope you'd agree.
I must admit to not really agreeing (though you weren't asking me). I just don't get all the discussion and disagreement over the size/scale of the original ship. It seems to stem for the most part from "wishful thinking" -- that somehow, someway, if we ignore what Jefferies told us, if we ignore the scale indicated on the two views of the ship given in "Day of the Dove", if we insist that a forced perspective (or otherwise distorted for purposes of fitting a camera) hangar deck miniature should be taken as the intended shape of that deck (even though it doesn't match the space allocated on either of Jefferies' cross sections)... if we do ALL these things and more, we can somehow get that big hangar deck shown in TAS. I'm not saying that this is why any particular person advocates dumping what was established onscreen, just that it seems to be a recurring theme in these discussions. "That hangar deck just isn't big enough for four shuttlecraft". And yet, it is. A 947' ship fits the bridge as filmed, and the hangar as it is meant to be (and as was drawn by Jefferies in the Phase II cross section).

We know what the designer intended. We know the shuttlecraft fit. We know the bridge fits. We know the size indicated on a scale bar onscreen. I just don't see the ongoing problem.

The only thing that I can see that leads you to a bigger ship is if we insist all the decks are as tall as those sets indicate. And yet Jefferies shows us that isn't the case. He has decks of varying heights, and decks that vary in height even on the same level. So, even here the only problem exists if we insist the ship to be something other than what we are told it is. Which is sort of like insisting it is over 1000' long when we are told it is 947'.

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