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Re: Intrepid Updates

Thanks for the kind words folks.

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Realizing you shot this four years ago and prior to your more recent experience I'm going to let you slide on the camera stuff.

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The one thing that did bother me was an overuse of dramatic music over relatively mundane dialog. I found that distracting.
That's not an unfair criticism, though I think there's a degree of different strokes to this as well. I can't really speak as to what the composer was aiming for, and I have to say it didn't really bother me. But, like I say, it's not an unfair criticism. Maybe I'll drag Bodo over here to comment.

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Oh, and what was that slightly crumpled looking paper in the first scene?
I was hoping you wouldn't spot that.

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Any word on the Picard episode?
Unfortunately no, not yet. We really need to do some ADR on it, and scheduling that is proving difficult.
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