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Re: Green Lantern: Grading, Review, Discuss, Tracking, Sequel?

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I was ready to hate Blake Lively as Carol Ferris. In fact I didn't like the casting at all but her performance in the movie was the least of the flaws that bothered me. I thought she did a pretty decent job in the role.
Blake Lively did fine with what she was given, so did Mark Strong and dare I say Ryan Reynolds. The actors weren't at fault for anything to be honest. The story itself was dragging, unimaginative, useless and frankly, unengaging. They had $300+ million to play around with and they basically spent it on making the fucking costume shinier and 'organic' (damn I hate that word). They didn't dwelve into the GL mythos at all, nor did they actually show an inspired action set piece or sequence that could have wowed the audience. Batman Begins made everyone sit up and take notice whenever The Tumbler was on screen. Iron Man did it with the suit sequences.

What did GL show us? Kilowog throwing rocks at Jordan, Sinestro basically insulting Jordan from the get go. The action was minimal in a fucking action movie, the main villain being nothing but a floating space turd, talks of how great the GL Corps are and at the first opportunity, showing how easy it was for Parallax to beat them in a second. OA was a dead, dreary place, the Guardians absolute assholes, and Hector Hammond was a completely out of place villain.

And more importantly, showing Hal Jordan as a fucking quitter at anything and everything. In the comics Jordan is a total 180 from being a quitter, he literally takes it upon himself to show all the other species in the GL Corps that he can best them all through his sheer willpower. Since when the fuck did it become imperative for Hollyweird writers to make superheroes look like a bunch of fucking weirdos with mommy/daddy issues, completed with an attitude that would even make Emogags say "Whoa there, tone down the mascara there superhero!"

These are but a few problems this abortion of a movie has, and am glad the audience voted with their dollars on this one. GL deserves to a fucking flop. At least this iteration of such a great comics property.
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