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Re: Fright Night (2011) Discussion/Review

Saw it today. I liked it. I didn't think it was better than the original, as some of the reviews I read claimed, but there were some improvements over the original. I thought the female lead was hotter, the FX were better, and I liked the ending better. However the original had a charm to it that the new one didn't have. I also liked the original Jerry.

No disrespect to Colin Farrell, who did a good job. His take on the character was his own and he worked it out. I just liked the original guy better. I also liked the suspense of the original, the build up as Charlie tried to prove to everyone what Jerry really was and the vamp was always one step ahead. In the new one I guess they assumed the audience knew about the first film and just decided to cut to the chase more quickly.

Farrell had the appropriate menace and a bad boy swagger. I thought he was a good choice for a vampire and perhaps should've shown up as one in a film way before this. However he's not as scary to me as the guy in the Bill Cosby sweaters, giving subtle little 'got you' or 'I'm going to get you' smiles at Charlie as he makes him look like a crazy kid again. His full on vamp makeup didn't work for me though.

Not a lot was done with Evil Ed. I had expected him and Charlie to be closer in the film, but I wasn't too put off by the way the new film done it. I was hoping he got the cross to the face like in the original though.

Tennant was almost unrecognizable at first. It took me a moment to get into his take on Vincent. It seemed like he was channeling Russell Brand. I thought the change in occupation for his character was pretty neat and I guess more contemporary. I'm mixed on Jerry being the one who murdered his parents. Seemed like he would've had more of a reaction when he saw him the first time. Granted we don't know exactly how all that went down. I didn't think it really needed to be Jerry as the murderer. It felt too small world, as if Jerry is the only vampire out there, killing and siring.

I really liked the closing credits and that take on the Jay-Z song "99 Problems". It's unfortunate that this film tanked. I wish they had dropped it around Halloween. Maybe it would've gotten better box office.
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