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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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What the heck is going on at Ipswich! I know they were down to 9 men yesterday but sheesh.
Their problems started long before they were even down to 10. They scored first - a good goal - and then once P'boro equalised they just folded and let three more goals in very quickly. They were finished long before the red cards and the next three goals.

I'm looking forward to the Carling Cup tomorrow... provided no one gets injured. Cardiff have sensibly slashed prices to just 10 for adults so it'd be madness not to go, particularly as Huddersfield are a pretty good outfit. Indeed, they're sort of the Cardiff of League One - constant failures

And to top it off, the club have offered me, for the first time, the opportunity to go to an away game. It's usually members only but it's been opened up to season ticket holders as well. Portsmouth away on a sunny bank holiday Saturday? Sounds like the perfect way to start my attendance at away games to me! (Wembley notwithstanding). I'm excited.. provided the ticket site actually works to let me get a ticket!
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