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Re: Captain America: The First Avenger-Review, Discuss, Grade, Sequel,

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He fell into a river and then got frozen in the movie. In the comic he falls into the North Atlantic and freezes.
its good that SHIELD are able to unfreeze people ilke that, something we cant currently do.
You do realise it's a Comic book movie?
Two things that usually don't conform to realism.
yes I believe ive mentioned that in my posts if you care to read them.

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Not to mention that it has been rumored and suggested that Jackson will be starring in a "Nick Fury: Agent of Shield" film. He has mentioned it himself that it is being developed right now. It's very possible if Stan DOES become Winter Solider he could get a solo movie of his own.
it is quite easy to see why Jackson has a 9 movie deal, and how he will complete 9 movies. Even a Nick Fury: Agent of Shield movie is possible, a Bucky movie however feels like a risk to me, and given hiow movies can take two years to make, it seems risky to do one with Bucky (unless we see something more in future movies)

That said and with all respect to the source materail there a vast differnce between giving Bucky a movie of his own, and a comic book of his own, $millions more differnce.

Bucky as part of a SHIELD (or the Nick Furty movie) seems the best bet IMO.

If we going to start giving supporting characters movies, I would rather give one to Hawkeye, we know alot more about Bucky than we do Hawkeye.
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