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Re: Fright Night (2011) Discussion/Review

The good news? David Tennant stole every scene he was in and was the best part of the movie...

The bad news? The rest of the movie was mediocre at best.

Christopher Mintz-Plasse was completely wasted in this role. They could have given it to almost anyone. His character just comes off as a bitter dick. There was no flash of McLovin or even the Red Mist from Kick Ass.

Yelchin was ok, but just seemed too old for the part.

Colin Ferrel has "creepy" down pat, but for a role that was supposed to have some charm to it, he fell flat.

I did like how they connected the Peter Vincent character's past into the plot. Giving him some actual vampire exprience, rather than just playing the part was a good move.
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