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Re: Star Trek: Shaping a Cardassian - Among the Dragons

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In apartments all sorts of sounds can disturb: someone drops something in the apt above you,
That's why I always got an apartment on the upper floor of the complex...that way at least that issue wasn't something I had to worry about.

someone watches a film next to you and you can clearly hear the whole dialogue, someone cooks and you can hear noise of moved pans and flow of water when they wash the dishes, etc.
LOL! Or they cook or smoke and you smell it.

Once, though, that was pretty cool. I had Indian neighbors, so I often smelled their cooking. My mom hated it every time she visited, and claimed it made her want to gag, but for me it was incredibly interesting. If it weren't for the fact that spicy things made me sick, I would've wanted to try everything they cooked!

I don't have it in my notes, so most likely I didn't create it yet (or forgot to add to my notes).
No problem...given the events of "The Spear in the Other's Heart," I got curious.

They wouldn't. They only reflect light in very particular way, so without light or in insufficient light they would be "dark."
Oh, good. Eating those kinds of "glowy" things would probably be bad for one's health.

Plus that would, in the case of a crossover, save your Cardassians from the "horrifying" comments that mine would make of, "Could we paint ourselves with that?" (Even the Sigils ones would think of it, for dancing and wedding purposes.)
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