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Re: Doctor Who: The Figure Thread

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That's a nice shot of Idris. Best of the lot for me and the only one I see myself getting... when I've got money to spare on toys.
I think it's an atrocious likeness of her though. The dress sculpt is nice.

As for River in that group shot, it looks like they goofed on the skin tone. Seems too dark to me.
Ok, they dont look that great. AT. ALL!

Seriously, promos and prototypes are supposed to sell the thing before its released, in a way.

And these are just terrible. May not even get the new Doc ones as i already have Crash Set version and Fez/mop. All theyve changed is the head and repainted the clothes. Us CO procedure.

As for River and Idris, ermmm, ill pass. Until i see a box on a shelf with my own eyes ill make my decision then.

I want a Rory dammit! Why do we NOT yet have Rory. In his 'Last Centurion' garb would be awesome.

I may get a ganger Doc at some point though. Cos it may look, hopefully, a bit better in the, err, ahem, flesh.
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