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Re: Star Trek: Shaping a Cardassian - Among the Dragons

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I'm glad Jarol wised up. I was really afraid she was going to screw up the wedding.
She was really surprised and honoured to be asked to be per'taye.
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And I'm going to be bad here...but there are other activities one would never have to worry about disturbing the neighbors with. That actually happened at the apartments I lived in in college. Very annoying, that.
That's also true.

In apartments all sorts of sounds can disturb: someone drops something in the apt above you, someone watches a film next to you and you can clearly hear the whole dialogue, someone cooks and you can hear noise of moved pans and flow of water when they wash the dishes, etc.

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That thing is ENORMOUS.

There are a lot of Indian stores in my area, so I might be able to stop by one and see if they have some jackfruit available. That could be interesting.
They are big, but the part you eat is probably half the size of the whole fruit. The skin is very thick and the edible parts are deep inside meat that is not eaten.

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OK, and then elek is for something a bit more permanent, as in something you get to keep? (And I think a compliment is something you can keep, too? )
Roughly, yes. Gifts, compliments are things that are given to you, so elek is appropriate. There are situations when a non-Cardassian could have doubts which to use, but generally the difference is clear.
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The third one is just for one kind of situation--a big sacrifice. I don't think I made a word for it yet.
I don't recall seeing one either.
I don't have it in my notes, so most likely I didn't create it yet (or forgot to add to my notes).
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There are flowers which start glowing after sunset, because the colour somehow reflects the light, so I thought: why not another plant? mean a different kind of glow than bioluminescence? So these plants wouldn't actually glow in the dark?
They wouldn't. They only reflect light in very particular way, so without light or in insufficient light they would be "dark."
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