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Re: Star Trek: Shaping a Cardassian - Among the Dragons

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I don't think Kapoor was ever aware of Jarol's thoughts. Jarol never expressed them and certainly not in her presence. And by that time Jarol saw that humans can be crazy in love too.
I'm glad Jarol wised up. I was really afraid she was going to screw up the wedding.

I think they still build houses that way, because the feature is really useful and offers everyone a lot of privacy and not being bothered by anyone, or to bother anyone.
I see...that's a good thing to know. That way nobody will be disturbed by hearing human music playing.

And I'm going to be bad here...but there are other activities one would never have to worry about disturbing the neighbors with. That actually happened at the apartments I lived in in college. Very annoying, that.

My first impression of it was "a funny smelling banana," but I grew to like them. In Asia they are sold fresh, but you can also get them as a dried snack. Maybe you could get dried jackfruit in US in some stores.
That thing is ENORMOUS.

There are a lot of Indian stores in my area, so I might be able to stop by one and see if they have some jackfruit available. That could be interesting.

I'm sure Kapoor also ignored unpleasant looks thrown her way. Why to spoil such a nice day with assholes?
She's very good at doing that...she seems, overall, to have a very thick skin.

Foda is a 'thank you' for service, something that doesn't stay, eg. opening a door for you, handing you a box of tissues to take one, letting you first through the door, etc.
OK, and then elek is for something a bit more permanent, as in something you get to keep? (And I think a compliment is something you can keep, too? )

The third one is just for one kind of situation--a big sacrifice. I don't think I made a word for it yet.
I don't recall seeing one either.

There are flowers which start glowing after sunset, because the colour somehow reflects the light, so I thought: why not another plant? mean a different kind of glow than bioluminescence? So these plants wouldn't actually glow in the dark?
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