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Re: Star Trek: Shaping a Cardassian - Among the Dragons

Jarol as a bridesmaid...I definitely wouldn't have seen that one coming, especially given her disapproval of the wedding and her belief that a human woman isn't enough for a Cardassian. Is this an attempt to win her approval?

Tavor's reaction makes me he aware of such disapproval? Or is he instead afraid his father will hunt them down if they do make the news?

Creepy detail about the soundproof houses. Do you think they'll keep building them that way, though, in more peaceful times? Apparently there are some peacetime applications that would've made life in MY apartment a lot easier in college!!!

Good work overall. I don't see at all what you were worried about.

It seems to me your Cardassians would like the custom of the wedding registry, if they were to give gifts the same way humans do. I've heard that it's mainly an American thing, but the efficiency of it would probably appeal to them. That way, you know for sure that what you're buying will not go to waste or be a duplicate.

Now...what's a jackfruit? Never heard of one before.

The vendors are being surprisingly nice. I wonder if it's because of her armor that they figure they need to be nice. Or is it because they don't care where their money comes from as long as that someone pays in legal tender?

Oh, and what kind of thank you is fodaiji, as compared to elekiji? (And then the third is the rare one, right, the "I thank you for your sacrifice" form of thanks?)

And a glowing vegetable? Do they have to remove the glowing part so it's not toxic?

(MY Cardassians might start looking at that one as a body-paint source...totally horrifying your group. )
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