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Re: Seven Of Nine/Jeri Ryan Appreciation Thread

People hate Seven ?!?! Then they should not watch Star Trek. They miss the point. The EMH and Seven are a sizeable chunk of the "exploration" theme.

As for Seven, as someone pointed out in this thread, she's more logical and articulate than Tuvok. Add to that the Borg life experience and you have someone wiser than almost everyone in the entire Starfleet

Jeri Ryan, well, she is just exceptionally brilliant and talented as an actor. She's got total control of her voice, face and everything else that goes in portraying her complex character.

If she is half of what Seven is in real life, just imagine. Apart from the fact that she looks quite good in that make-up, I never bothered to look at her body and clothes because I was too busy with the plot ( watched all of Trek on youtube ).
Now, if you get to watch the same episode many times over, you might get the time for gazing at non-essentials

She and Picardo are *such* a superb acting pair. It's a shame and probably a great loss that these two dont act a lot in mainstream Hollywood movies, or else they would be worshipped worldwide. Much lesser actors get much more credit in Hollywood.

Her voice is good, no doubt, but the calm assurance she gives in her speech - its actually soothing to listen to Seven. And that when combined with straight thinking logic, makes it so good.

To put it simply, one of my cherished wishes is to have a friend like Seven (and the EMH, Odo, Data, Geordi).

She's the perfect friend.
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