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Re: Captain America: The First Avenger-Review, Discuss, Grade, Sequel,

whilst im sure the decesion to bring Bucky back in the comics has worked in that medium, im unsure if it will work in any Capt Am movie series, ok I grant you it is a movie based on a comic book, but im not sure movie auidences will go for it.

That said ive said the same about UK & US soaps, in the US soaps, charactes come back from the dead all the time, where as in the UK, its something that if frowned up on.

I fear that too a movie auidence, Bucky being both alive and in the present day is going to appear contrived, unless its part of the wider plot arc of the movie. Its going to take a huge dose of comic book logic.

That said that is just my opinon, I cant say if that is held by other movie goes. I mean its almost crazy to say that, you cant use comic book logic in a comic book movie, as most of the movie is built on comic book logic.
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