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Been a while since we've released anything, and I know this stuff is an acquired taste, but I thought I'd let folks know that the vignette Machinations is now available for viewing on YouTube.

A bit of background to this one. We actually shot this about four years ago, and it was the first thing we shot after finishing Heavy Lies the Crown. At the time, I'd just bought a (new) second hand prosumer camcorder to replace the consumer model we'd used up to that point. Machinations was written as an 'easy' short that we figured we could shoot in a short time, and release fairly quickly.

In fact it turned out to be far more challenging than we'd expected, due to the nature of some of the effects work involved. One particular effect was one of the major delays, and it took us a while to find someone willing to tackle that. I was very grateful when Steve Gilson stepped up to the plate, and I think he did a great job under the circumstances.

The other delay was getting someone who could build the station model for us. We did initially have someone lined up, but after a number of months he was unable to complete the project due to personal reasons. Luckily, Dennis Bailey very kindly stepped in and I absolutely love what he created for us.

There are some shortcomings to Machinations, most of which can be attributed to the fact that it was shot before we learned certain lessons. The rest are just plain incompetence.

So anyway, it can be viewed on YouTube at the following link.

For those of you who'd rather download and watch at your leisure, we'll have Quicktime and Windows Media versions available within a few days.

Oh, and the sharp-eyed amongst you may spot a couple of Hidden Frontier alumni.
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