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Well, I got bored with the other game I was playing and my parents were taking too long in getting me our old copy of Alpha Centauri, so I joined your ranks and picked up Civ V. I'm really liking it so far.... still trying to get used to some of the game concepts and functions, but I'm getting there. The thing I'm having the hardest time getting used to is trying to slow down my gameplay and really think about what I need to do.... I've spent too much time playing RTS's, so there's a major urgency to everything I do and I've had a hard time slowing down.

I'm part way through my first game as the Germans on a huge random map. I am out-teching and outnumbering everyone else. I have a giant military, and I'm running around with longswordsmen, knights, and crossbowmen while everyone else is still running around with rocks and pointy sticks. Just started researching gunpowder as well. I also seem to have a much larger empire than everyone else I've found with two exceptions. I wiped out the Aztecs early on when they attacked me and I sort of paniced and moved quickly to wipe them out. I was getting ready to implement Operation Fuck The Queen (england is really starting to annoy me), but the Chinese randomly denounced me for the third time this game, so I'm working on making them pay. Then I'll move forward with Operation FTQ.
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