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Re: All my ships in 1 place

Yep, this guy is pretty good at what he does. He just needs to keep his designs more streamlined without (excess) nacelles / weaponry / AWACS modules.

One more thing to all kitbashers, not just Kaiser: we need warp-capable freighters with nacelles and torpedo launchers, one set of Apollo-Class 'delta pods' on the ship's back, one or two Miranda-Class phaser cannon(s) embedded in the secondary hulls or fronts of the saucer sections like some of Sean Tourangeau's "mirror/terran-empire" designs.

(I'm really tired of the older Merchantman-Class & Anteres-Class freighter designs that look ~so~ amazingly easy to approach, board and/or destroy from a distance.)

i'd love to see someone come-up with a pic of the S.S. Belle Reve from the Shatnerverse, a ship disguised to look like a freighter, attached to Starfleet Black Op's under Captain James T Kirk in the Shatnerverse.
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