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TNG Character Caption Contest Showdown Part 2!

Good Evening, Ladies and Gents, and welcome to the...

After a week of voting, we came out with 2 co winners! After thinking at length, I decided to take our top 3 most voted entries and give them a run off.

Given the fact that we had 12 entries and less than double that number in votes, it seems reasonable to do things this way. I do realize that I am making changes after starting things one way. So I am a man of my word, therefore both Vulpes and Skywalker both have claim to the prize regardless of the outcome of this run off. This seems only

Next Friday, I will begin the Photoshop Voting Round, I have not yet decided exactly how it will proceed. Once the Photoshop voting is over, we will have the voting for the Klingon Belly Laugh contestants. It will have a first round, with all the available submissions, then a finalist round, similar to this one.

And now, our finalists!

BriGuy wrote: View Post

Crusher: He's dead.
Worf: Yes, I know. I broke his neck.

And it was even more satisfying than I dreamed it would be.

Skywalker wrote: View Post

Worf: "Geordi, remember when I said you could come on this double-date?"
Geordi: "Yeah..."
Worf: "I lied."

Vulpes wrote: View Post

Director: Gates, this isn't that hard a scene. Why do you keep asking for another take?
Happy Voting!
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