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Re: All my ships in 1 place

This is what I had in mind for placement of New Orleans-Class "clusterf**k" torp launchers for the McKinley-Class.

McKinley-Class (NX-Class Refit)

I appreciate what you've done but I wasn't looking for the Danube-Class / Miranda-Class rollbar pod on the saucer section. I ~love~ the nacelles. They look appropriate to the rest of the ship as a TOS/TMP-era upgrade.

I want these phaser cannon emplacements in exactly the same spots (the ones under the "shoulders", ~not~ the one under the saucer,) as this Damascus-Class gunship.

And maybe a docked module like this one for quick swap-out / replacement, ~not~ a full-on secondary hull.

I wish I had more views of this freight/fuel-tanker variant to help you.

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