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Re: New Star Trek Fan Film

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This is really starting to shape up. Nice to see what was on a script move to actual production and then towards final release.
It's been quite a thrill for me to see how the story I wrote has come alive.

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The trailer really captures what is going on. Plus the CGI is great. From the trailer you can tell there is CGI (or some other SFX), but only to move the story along (unlike, say, certain higher budgeted Sci Fi films that were released in the past 15 years).
Certainly can't afford them, so tell the story so it doesn't dwell on them. Same thing with all the other vignettes and episodes in the production line.

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I really like the music. It captures the tension without taking over.
I'm looking forward to Steve's score, for sure!

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And on a personal note, you have a devilishly handsome Chief Helmsman (albeit on the plump side)! But that's just me.
Ha! You get your comeuppance soon enough, remember?

junxon wrote: View Post
i like how the captain looks like a captain. if that makes sense.
Well, yes it does! I have to tell you when I first met Jeff and heard his voice, I stopped him short: He was PERFECT for a starship captain. We get to see a lot of him in only a few episodes, but when he's there, man, is he a presence to be dealt with.
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