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Re: Odo knew Neck pinch?

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We how about this...? Was she a security guard? You are right about women on the Star Trek shows. While TOS had no female security guards, the others did. They did whatever the guys did but, you are right, they almost never go knocked out or hurt. I cannot recall them ever going toe to toe with a bad guy... And though they are supposed to have some kind of martial arts training or something, she did really poorly fighting Odo. A neck chop from him would have done the smae thing to her.

I'm pretty sure female Starfleet security officers saw plenty of action.

Tasha, for one, got hurled across Stage 16 and killed.

Another woman was zapped with a phaser shot in TNG's Power Play.

Another fell through the floor and got stuck/killed in "In Theory" (I think it was that one)

Sito got killed off in "Lower Decks."
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