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Re: Please help an ill newbie find something good! :-)

My goodness! I'm honored and encouraged by all your helpful replies. I wish I could start all of them. I went with the most cost effective, Twist of Faith (five books for $13.99). It'll be tricky knowing what to do next, and b/c of my awful nights I listen through these really quickly, so it will come up soon. (Though the automated reader on the iOS is funny at times: "Pee-card", "En-sine", etc. But it's otherwise great.)

And I wish I could get well soon. My illness has been going for 2.5 years with many life threatening times in hospitals. Worse, I keep developing secondary (though severe/dangerous/unpleasant) conditions, to the point wherein most doctors won't see me and I, for example, have four days at hospitals next week seeing specialist-professors who take the hard cases (after some already this week). I have almost no days without nurses coming to my home or making a trip to the hospital (hard given my severe transport difficulty).

Again, thanks! Vanguard would be fun given its era, the post-Destiny VOY books good for continuity (I started Trek Lit with Destiny), and I can't deny the others look good, too. One thing I really liked about Destiny and ASD was the crossover nature: it kept left me hanging as it jumped from ship to ship, earth, and the Caeliar. Would love a crossover miniseries (preferably in omnibus form, hehehe!).

Thanks again. Your words of well wishes mean a lot.

(Oh, and I'm already around about 1/5 through Twist of Faith. When you listen all night, it goes by faster for me, though I couldn't read the books myself, anyway.)
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