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Been able to do a lot of swimming and play in the pool with my daughter and my nieces. Not any lap swimming, but some substantial pool play (try tossing 3 45 lb 4-8 year olds for an hour).

The biking has fallen by the wayside.

The good news, is, and it's because my daughter is enrolled in the basic class, I've kept up with the martial arts classes. Twice a week for 45 minutes. I'm still winded at the end of the calisthenics portion. I'm still soaking wet with sweat when they're done. I still hurt the next day. However, my recovery from being winded has gotten a lot better, and I only hurt for one day instead of more.

I've dropped 10 pounds this summer. Not as much as I wanted. But still, down 10.

My instructor told me yesterday that he plans to graduate me to the next belt at the end of this rotation in two weeks. Which is nice to hear that my fat ass had a pretty successful rotation. I wish I had the flexibility to do really parallel side-kicks, but I'm being patient.

With the summer special over, I signed a six month contract last night, so I will continue for the next two rotations. Hopefully by Christmas, I'll be an orange belt and down 10 more pounds.
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