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Re: Re-booting TNG For TV?

If it gets Star Trek back on TV, yeah, let's reboot TNG. I don't see it remotely happening (I'm betting on an animated series on The Cartoon Network, with the same characters as in Abrams' movies) but I'd love to see a live-action show happen.

Wentworth Miller is my nominee for Picard. I think he should have a French accent. There's nothing inherently "silly" about a French accent. He doesn't need to sound like Inspector Clouseau.

If this was on the could work well since they are switching up their programming a bit and Mark Pedowitz said he likes remakes.
In that case, Picard will be played by Zac Ephron. And I'd still watch it!

TOS is being done in the movies...would TNG, DS9 & VOY be ignored? These shows are institutions as much as TOS.
Not among the general public. TNG has the stink of failure upon it due to the movies flopping. The other series never became successes (and DS9 is my favorite so I'm just being objective here.)

If Star Trek returns to TV, it will be the Abrams' movie characters or new characters set in that cosmos. (To the extent we can tell what reality it's in, it will be in the one Abrams invented.)
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