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U.S.S. Leviathan PBEM RPG Looking for some good players

The USS Leviathan is a Defiant class heavy escort with orders to Patrol the Post-War Cardassian space.
We have a great crew of 6, but are always looking for more players to fill the ranks.
Join us as we start Season 2, where new adventures a wait, be sure to join early so you can take part of the entire season.
New to the Leviathan is our Awards and Commendations program where your character can earn awards through your activity in the group.
Awards are given each season for the most solo posts written, the most joint posts started, for the most activity in the group, for wounds received in the line of duty and much more.
As part of the Awards and Commendations program, you will also have a chance to have your character spot lighted in your very own USS Leviathan promotional YouTube Commercial!
Join the Adventure today at

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