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Re: Re-booting TNG For TV?

Ultimately, the producers and the writers together with the Studio, tell audiences what they want to see. By promoting the hell out of it. Having it figure prominently in their strategy.

Having gained popularity, that then leads to a bandwagon of similar approaches.

Shame really that Star Trek wasn't the Star Wars of its generation... revitalizing the space opera genre. But I don't see that. Bringing back cancelled shows and giving them a make-over. Wholly new films and TV shows popping up, that aren't remakes but original ideas.

But instead we'll likely get more of the same. Babylon 5 up next. Blade Runner from the looks of it. Loads of other TV shows and franchises from the past, ripe for invention because it's easy. Some of the original people involved end up being complicit too, when there's money to be made.

I long for the days when continuations happened. Shows bubbling under that didn't need remaking. Improving possibly. Pushing those universes a little bit further along, than they were before. But not discarded and done all over again.

There's profit to be found in emotional attachment to the past, I guess... Just not carrying on where anything left off and finding a new direction from there on.
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