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Re: Please help an ill newbie find something good! :-)

Read the Voyager books that take place after Destiny - Full Circle, Unworthy, Children of the Storm. Not quite a trilogy, but definitely serialized and awesome. Also, read Vanguard. It's 6 books strong so far, out of a planned 8, highly serialized, and TOTALLY KICKASS IN EVERY POSSIBLE WAY. (Plus every other book, alternating, is written by David Mack, who wrote Destiny, so if you liked that...) Voyager and Vanguard are the two best things going right now, you'll love them both, trust me.

The whole DS9 Relaunch is also a good place to go; very, very serialized. Each book doesn't make sense without the others. Start with the "Twist Of Faith" omnibus (it has the first four books + novella) and for the reading order after that go to Memory Beta and search "DS9 Relaunch". Just don't read too much about the characters; spoilers abound. That's quite a few books - at least 17, with a few more tied in depending on how far you want to venture afield - and should last you a while.

I'd also recommend TNG: Losing The Peace and maybe also A Singular Destiny; they're both standalones, but they follow up on the events of Destiny in really cool ways, so they're still very much tied into the overall story.

Good luck! Get better soon!
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