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Please help an ill newbie find something good! :-)


I haven't posted to the fora for a very long time. After a botched surgery, I was hospitalized twice with two unrelated, life-threatening medical conditions. In the first I should have died, and in the second I nearly did. In June twice I fell into a coma/physical death b/c of liver failure and they could only just barely revive me in time.

Anyhow, I've been buffeted by terrible after effects: inability to walk, lost use of an arm/hand, horrible pain from so many things that night is more a nightmare.

To pass the night, I tried out Trek Lit for the first time by getting Destiny on iBooks and had the computer-voice read it too me; I was gripped and loved it. I thought I could continue this "pain reliever" by getting the Typhoh Pact's first two novels. Their episodic nature disapionted me; I can't even finish the second. :-/

My plea for help: can anyone recommend a trilogy-type set of novels that are gripping and serialized? I don't "get", e.g., which novels in the TNG-R are good * and* serial. Is it the "Time to..." books? " Greater than the Sum," *"Unworthy," "Q & A"? What about "Articles of the Federation" (I enjoyed "A Singular Destiny")

I'm just such a newbie at Trek lit. But I really need a good few novels to download on iBooks so I can listen to them during my horrific nights.

note: I don't require TNG-R; a crossover miniseries would be good, and I've read good things about the DS9-R and the post-Destiny VOY-R. I just am baffled and can't afford buying a lot of books and using trial-and-error... "Brave and the Bold?" "Invasion"? "Double Helix"? "Worlds of DS9"? Aaah! I need *something* ;-)

So someone, please: recommend book(s) to help ease my misery.

Thanks. (I apologize if I put too much text and TMI at the beginning; my thinking is scrambled. I literally must be awake most all night and be wheeled to one of my ~8 medical specialists, from neurologists to urologists to heptologist pathologists. And in between nurses come to my home to help treat my many wounds as well as help me relearn how to walk. I'm going crazy! )

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